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Our bodies are important, which is why so many of us are hitting the gym, trying to eat better and taking stock of our overall wellness. But all it takes is a simple test to find out more about what your body wants you to be eating in the first place. Lots of people have lurking food sensitivities or even mild allergies, and getting tested for them is the quickest way to find out for sure.

Having food sensitivities can have a big impact on your overall health and wellness, so getting tested can help you make sure you’re eating the right foods for your body. That’s what Everlywell’s at-home testing kits are for. And Everlywell’s food testing kits are 20% off when you use the code TAKEACTION at checkout for a limited time.

There are four featured food testing kits, including the Food Allergy test, the Celiac Disease Screening test, the Food Sensitivity test and the Food Sensitivity Comprehensive test — and they are a good investment for yourself or make great gifts for loved ones who may have regular discomfort that might benefit from personalized insights on any allergies and sensitivities they may have.

If you think you might have a common food allergen, you can save $30 off the Food Allergy test, playing only $119 to find out for sure. It measures nine immunoglobulin E antibodies that are linked to common food allergies. And if you deal with abdominal pain, bloating and digestive upset, you can get the Celiac Disease screener for just $95 right now. It will measure three key antibodies that indicate celiac disease. For $159, you can test your body’s immune response to 96 common foods that may be causing discomfort with the basic Food Sensitivity test. Or for $239, you can get the most broad and comprehensive screener, the Food Sensitivity comprehensive test, which tests your reactivity to 204 common foods — that’s a $60 discount.    

Everlywell has many at-home tests beyond food sensitivity. There are over 30 at-home kits including those that test for STDs, thyroid issues, fertility, testosterone levels, heart health, sleep, stress and more, including COVID-19 tests. Most tests are around $49, but costs run as high as $299, depending on the test. And while only the food allergen tests are discounted right now, many others will go on sale at different points throughout the year. 

These tests results not only give you a valuable assessment of your health, but they can also make a thoughtful gift for someone you think might be avoiding doctor’s visits. Everything is done at home and submitted by mail to certified clinical laboratories. Results generally take a few days to a week to be returned. Also, Everlywell purchases can be submitted for reimbursement through most FSA and HSA benefit plans, but be sure to check your individual plan prior to purchase.

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