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A whopping 42 percent of small-business owners say they experience burnout relatively early on in their entrepreneurial journey, a 2022 Capital One Business survey says. Staring at a screen for 60 hours or more per week, looking at financial models, and giving approvals to new products and features can wear a person down. Luckily, that’s why For Wellness exists.

When the For Wellness founders discovered the antioxidant benefits of coffee, they realized they could build on it and craft a special powdered creamer. They call it The Good StuffTM. It’s designed to improve focus, metabolism, and hydration and decrease inflammation. It’s especially great for those on treadmill desks for hours a day. With more than 440 reviews and 4.5 stars on average on its website, it’s no wonder why people swear by The Good Stuff.

Now, of course, not every businessperson is a coffee fiend like the movies might lead you to believe. If that’s the case for you, you can get as much focus (and even more flavor) out of For Wellness’ Superfood Energy Bites, an espresso brownie with a load of wellness benefits covered in dark chocolate flavors. While mixing and frothing The Good Stuff is easy, the energy bites come ready to eat out of the package.

For Wellness’s products are designed with athletes, entrepreneurs, and all those who hustle day and night in mind. The products are for those who don’t want to stop moving but can’t put their health on the line. Built with MCT oil for metabolism and burning fat; L-theanine for focus, energy, and reducing the caffeine jitters; collagen for skin, hair, and bone health; and Ceylon cinnamon to reduce inflammation, it’s hard to imagine a workday without For Wellness.

The best part is you don’t have to stress about re-structuring your entire personal budget to try For Wellness. A 30-day supply of The Good StuffTM is only $30 per month when you subscribe, and a 40-pack of Superfood Energy Bites is only $2 per brownie, both available at the official For Wellness shop.

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