Did you finish watching the Disney Plus original She-Hulk, and now you want to dress up as the character for Halloween? If so, Urban Decay’s She-Hulk palettes and other makeup necessities available today. There are two offers happening right now. The first one is 50% off Urban Decay’s x Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk palette collection. And the other deal is 30% off sitewide on award winning bestsellers. 

If you’re shopping for a She-Hulk palette, there are two options. The first one is this eyeshadow palette for $23 that has 13 limited-edition eyeshadows from blendable mattes to shimmers and duochromes. The other eyeshadow palette is a mini version with six shades for $15.

The rest of the sale is open to the rest of Urban Decay’s makeup. Check out this 24/7 glide on waterproof eyeliner pencil for $16. This pencil will give you a smooth and buttery finish. If you’re anything like me, and you love a tinted hydrating foundation, then get this HydroManiac tinted low hydrator for $20. This is a product that I personally use on a regular basis to give myself. And after making your face look as beautiful as you want it to, you can set it by using this all nighter setting spray for $23.

Don’t miss out on this limited edition, She-Hulk palette sale as well as the larger deal for 30% off. Head over to Urban Decay today. 

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