Salon and Social Media

The most amazing low cost marketing idea is Facebook ads! No just any FB ad but targeted to your personal client email list. Yes, if you have enough email addresses on file you can create a custom list in FB and FB will search it’s database to match up as many to existing members. This would be campaign #1. Next using the same list allow FB to “find like audience”. It will find others who fit the same profile as your client list. Now you have what I would call a marketing list that you can use to attract new clients without giving discounts or heavy promotions to your existing list of clients. 

Is this perfect…of course not but it is as close as you can get. Send something to keep current clients happy and thinking about your salon and then market in a more aggressive way to potential clients.

  • Low Cost
  • Pinpoint clients
  • Use existing list to find new clients
  • Target specific ads to each group

If you are confused about FB and how to pay and limit spending take the easy way out. Buy a pre-paid credit card from the store and put on $50.00. Try your first ad run with a limit of $20.00 over a week. The spending minimum is low and if accepted your campaign is ready to go. If not it will tell you to add money or reduce the number of days. Now you will never go over the amount on your card no matter if you made a mistake in the ad manager. 

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