Facebook Ads

One of the easy and low cost ways to bring in clients is Facebook ads. Now most think Facebook is for existing clients because they are what make up your “Likes” and following of your business page. A easy way to change this is to submit your salon clients email to your FB ad account. Give it a name , lets say clients 2017. Next find the check box that says “find look a like audience”. What Facebook will do over the next couple minutes…or hour if a long list, will be matching it’s data base to your clients. You can now MARKET to only that new list or both your existing clients and look a like future clients.

I suggest sending a special offer to bring in new clients but not include existing. Existing should be covered by  great customer service and keep booking before they leave the salon, if not you need to correct other issues before trying to bring them back.  Make the offer something really good. Maybe have a contest to be part of a photo shoot. New hair look and makeup…total makeover for the 3 selected.  You now have a more defined list to market a few specials to bring them in for the first time and have sent out something many will share with friends, thus growing your list.

You could give a prize for the best photo of 1950 hair, best photo of 1970 hair etc. One salon I know of did a promotion like this every month and built an amazing portfolio that they now CHARGE to be part of. They print the portfolio book every 4 months and clients line up to be seen in it. It started free but now pays for itself and makes a profit. Clients get copies to share with friends and they share on social media. This salon wanted to stand out in the makeup area so invested in high end hydraulic makeup chairs.These are so unique only one manufacturer makes them. They match the standard salon styling chairs but in bar stool height. No more cheap directors chairs that clients hate and break under their weight.