Every Salon Must Do This Today!

The most amazing low cost marketing idea is Facebook ads! No just any FB ad but targeted to your personal client email list. Yes, if you have enough email addresses on file you can create a custom list in FB and FB will search it's database to match up as many to existing members. This would be campaign #1. Next using the same list allow FB to "find like audience". It will find others who fit the same profile as your client list. Now you have what I would call a marketing list that you can use to attract new clients without giving discounts or heavy promotions to your existing list of clients. 

Is this perfect...of course not but it is as close as you can get. Send something to keep current clients happy and thinking about your salon and then market in a more aggressive way to potential clients.

  • Low Cost
  • Pinpoint clients
  • Use existing list to find new clients
  • Target specific ads to each group
If you are confused about FB and how to pay and limit spending take the easy way out. Buy a pre-paid credit card from the store and put on $50.00. Try your first ad run with a limit of $20.00 over a week. The spending minimum is low and if accepted your campaign is ready to go. If not it will tell you to add money or reduce the number of days. Now you will never go over the amount on your card no matter if you made a mistake in the ad manager. 

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Up Selling Is The Key

If you run a hair salon, spa or any beauty related business you need to learn the art of the up sell. Really all you need to learn is to provide what clients want and need. It is really that simple.

If you want to sell shampoo make your shampoo area a place people want to be in. Clean, comfortable and elegant. Soft music and dim lighting. In fact this place even makes a chair that has built in light just for a relaxed feel. 

the sides are led lights so the glow is enough for most shampoo rooms. Add the electric leg lift, tilt ceramic bowl and back massage to the mix and your client will be in love.  Of course you can't sell the chair but you can add scent to the room using aroma therapy. Now you have a super simple up sell. The scent to take home. If you offer hand massage then find or come up with a special mix that only your salon has. Now you have a second up sell in addition to the standard shampoo and conditioner. How about the best brush money can buy...do you have one? Would your client want one to use at home? Sell it! Okay maybe just find a line of really good quality and keep the price in line with your clients budgets. 

After a new cut , color and style why not give a free makeup touch-up. This is when clients will be asking what you are using and want to take a few of the products home. You could easily add $50.00 to $100.00 to the sale with a good profit margin built in. do this with only a few clients every week and you could have thousands in extra profit by the end of the year. Salon Chair Cafe /  http://salon-chair-cafe.com has an estimated that if you can up-sell half your clients, about 4 per day around $20.00 each (profit) at the end of the year you would add over $5000.00 to your net profit. Some busy salons could do this in a single month!

Hair Salon Marketing Tips - Introduction of the Salon

Marketing tips for hair salons. Increase profit with 2 unique ideas you can learn from this video.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes with Salon Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Salons

Since spas and beauty salons must provide excellent “personal service” to in-person clients, social media marketing and promotion is an ideal tool. But, it must be used correctly to have maximum success. You should focus on attracting ideal customers for your facility and giving your all each time a client visits your salon. Why is social media, like Facebook, a “perfect “vehicle to increase your client base?

  • You already have a captive audience.

  • Your salon has a “positive” image with your readers.

  • Your readers already visit your chair and like your creative hair designs.

  • Your regular clients continue to refer their friends and family to your salon.

Common Mistakes Salon Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Although an ideal marketing tool for your salon, these errors are common, popular, and can do self-inflicted damage to your excellent brand.

  1. Your comments and public statements do not engage your clients.

    Boring statements that stress, your salon is “the best,” will not create or engage your client base.

    Avoiding these mistakes
    : Ask your audience for their questions and thoughts about their experiences with your salon, when they visit.

  2. You lack passion and excitement about your salon.

    If you’re not excited about your salon, why do you expect your customers to get passionate about it?

    Avoiding these mistakes: Strive to communicate your excitement and passion about your salon with every posting you make.

  3. Your social media site is always stuffed with promotion.

    Your clients will come to resent your constant marketing and promotion every time they visit your social media page.

    Avoiding these mistakes: Focus on developing relationships and client trust in your talent and quality service. Keep your “selling messages” as soft and sporadic as possible.

  4. Forgetting” to respond to client questions and/or concerns.

    Sometimes salon owners are so focused on promoting themselves, they ignore their clients’ questions and comments.

    Avoiding these mistakes: Offer answers to questions and/or resolve complaints, as soon as possible after they appear on your social media site.

  5. Having no logical social media marketing strategy.

    Many salon owners lack a specific marketing strategy for their social media efforts. They know they should have a goal, objective, but neglect having a strategy to achieve these goals. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common mistake made by some salon owners.

    Avoiding these mistakes: Create a marketing strategy for your social media site, regardless of how basic it may be.


You now know what common mistakes salons make when using social media for marketing for hair salons. The importance of using social media, such as Facebook, should not be minimized. However, it’s equally important that you avoid making these errors in judgment.

Social media pages should give your salon a boost, not prove to be a detriment to your marketing efforts. Make use of your captive audience’s best traits and behaviors.

Enhancing your salon brand is easy if you avoid making the noted mistakes. Now you have suggestions, proven to work, that successful salons rarely (if ever) make.

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Facebook Ads

One of the easy and low cost ways to bring in clients is Facebook ads. Now most think Facebook is for existing clients because they are what make up your "Likes" and following of your business page. A easy way to change this is to submit your salon clients email to your FB ad account. Give it a name , lets say clients 2017. Next find the check box that says "find look a like audience". What Facebook will do over the next couple minutes...or hour if a long list, will be matching it's data base to your clients. You can now MARKET to only that new list or both your existing clients and look a like future clients.

I suggest sending a special offer to bring in new clients but not include existing. Existing should be covered by  great customer service and keep booking before they leave the salon, if not you need to correct other issues before trying to bring them back.  Make the offer something really good. Maybe have a contest to be part of a photo shoot. New hair look and makeup...total makeover for the 3 selected.  You now have a more defined list to market a few specials to bring them in for the first time and have sent out something many will share with friends, thus growing your list.

You could give a prize for the best photo of 1950 hair, best photo of 1970 hair etc. One salon I know of did a promotion like this every month and built an amazing portfolio that they now CHARGE to be part of. They print the portfolio book every 4 months and clients line up to be seen in it. It started free but now pays for itself and makes a profit. Clients get copies to share with friends and they share on social media. This salon wanted to stand out in the makeup area so invested in high end hydraulic makeup chairs. these are so unique only one manufacturer makes them. They match the standard salon styling chairs but in bar stool height. No more cheap directors chairs that clients hate and break under their weight. 

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